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logo_mailplus_loginMailPlus enables you to create professional email newsletters and advanced email marketing campaigns. All combined in one user friendly environment. Compose your message, select your target group and send your mailing. Benefit from extensive real time reporting and learn how to improve your communication.

MailPlus: the complete solution, user friendly and reliable

The complete solution

File management, segmentation, BrightEdit, bounce management, images, service pages, email, text messaging, direct mail, A/B testing, statistics, Google Analytics…

User friendly

MailPlus provides a well structured environment, extensive FAQ, online manuals and video assistance. Enhanced user enjoyment, that is what MailPlus is all about.



MailPlus is used by more than a thousand organizations. It is fast, safe and always accessible.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

MailPlus is an online service. You do not need to purchase hardware or install software. You will be given a login and a password allowing you to explore the many benefits of MailPlus.

Practical professionals

MailPlus has been especially developed for marketing and communication professionals. Professionals who demand a fast, simple and above all top-class communication tool.

MailPlus distinguishes itself through its simplicity. It allows nontechnical users to make highly advanced marketing campaigns. Ideal for practical users who like to be in control.

Are you a practical professional?
Then MailPlus is the ideal solution for you.

Manage contacts


  • Contacts can manage their own profile
  • Compliance with International legislation
  • Contact database tailored to your wishes
  • Easy-to-use import wizard
  • Compose flexible target groups
  • Automated unsubscribe and bounce data management
  • Data export the easy way

Compose messages the easy way

  • The use of templates makes your job easy
  • Communication channels: email, text, web and direct mail
  • BrightEdit© – compose messages the easy way with Drag and Drop
  • Personalize your communication
  • Integration with popular Social Media

Web forms, online surveys and polls

  • MailPlus includes web forms, online surveys and polls
  • Prefill data fields for increased conversion
  • Learn from extensive reporting and analysis
  • Email confirmations with statistics
  • Smart Form Editor saves a lot of time

Sending messages and analyze response

  • Analyze your communication and learn
  • Target group selection with just one click
  • One single overview of all your communication efforts
  • Extensive analysis and reporting
  • Google Analytics integration
  • A/B testing for increased conversion

Campaign Management

  • MailPlus includes campaigns and profile enrichment
  • Trigger based email marketing
  • Learn and improve your communication efforts
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Integrate easily with MailPlus API



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